{Macquarie Rivulet Group Walk}

{adventure} noun /ədˈven.tʃər/ an unusual, exciting, and possibly dangerous activity, such as a trip or experience, or the excitement produced by such an activity CAMBRIDGE DICTIONARY If ever there was a cracker of a walk in the Illawarra, this is it. It’s got it all; mesmerising waterfalls, luscious pools and gorgeous rainforest – and enough scare factor … More {Macquarie Rivulet Group Walk}

{Leech Management}

So not surprisingly the leeches are out in force after rain…one time I even dragged one to work that must of spent the night in the car! So I’ve done some research on what the suggested prevention’s and treatments are; Wear women’s pantyhose, I think I’ll personally try the knee high trick! Apparently the men during … More {Leech Management}