{Cascade Walk – Macquarie Pass National Park}

Enjoy one of Wollongong’s most suitable walks for beginners and those with limited fitness. This walk a beautiful stroll through lush rainforest and close to a beautiful stream. Enjoy the flora and fauna, with the reward of the beautiful cascades at the end of the walk. … More {Cascade Walk – Macquarie Pass National Park}

{Top 3 Nature Meditation Walks in the ‘Gong}

Having travelled to Japan it is evident the benefits of absorbing the stillness of nature and meditation together. The Japanese relish being outdoors and especially nurture their connection to nature as part of a zen lifestyle. Shinrin-yoku is the Japanese phrase which describes “forest bathing or therapy”, the art of being in nature with no effort and simply just being. … More {Top 3 Nature Meditation Walks in the ‘Gong}