Nature Meditation Experiences

Nature and meditation seem to go hand in hand. Jenae is a training Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga teacher. We offer events, alongside our sister site One w/ Earth, that have a strong focus on mental health and techniques to assist with healing anxiety, stress and depression.

By spending time in nature and participating in simple exercises, we can recharge our spirit, release negative past thoughts and behaviours and start a new cycle of healing and positive change. All events are suitable for beginners and past attendees can gain benefits from participating in multiple events.

We utilise our own personal techniques along with some ancient practices with roots in yoga and mindfulness meditation. The environment we create is safe and accepting so anyone who wants to attend to make some positive changes in their life are welcome.

Bushwalk the ‘Gong can create personalised sessions for private groups and specialise in corporate and educational retreats. Contact us for more details.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Bushwalk the ‘Gong provides these events as self-help, self-improvement, learning, motivation, relaxation and de-stressing assistance. They do not constitute a replacement for medical or psychological treatment and Bushwalk the ‘Gong neither expresses nor implies any claims to the contrary.

If this event has raised any issues for you or you feel you need to talk with someone – please call Lifeline on 131114. If your life is in immediate danger, please call 000.


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