{Drawing Room Rocks}

Hidden in the hinterland behind the beautiful country town of nearby Berry, few people realise there is a local treasure hiding exquisite forests, timeless geological features and depending on the mood of Mother Nature, a vista of the coastline that is truly magnificent. … More {Drawing Room Rocks}


{Ken Ausburn Trail}

{Ken Ausburn Trail}
A short CBD trail that offers plenty of options to extend for a longer hike or stay with the shorter trail to enjoy all it’s health benefits, views, history, art and wildlife. … More {Ken Ausburn Trail}

{Mt Kembla Summit}

One of Wollongong’s most beautiful and unique walks. Depending on the weather is right, a plethora of fungi, an eerie walk in the clouds or simply a great walk to absorb the iconic Wollongong coastline and Lake Illawarra views. A great walk anytime of year, enjoying plenty of wildlife with a short challenging walk. … More {Mt Kembla Summit}

{Upper Byarong Creek}

A magical oasis of luscious green rocks, trickling streams and a dark mossy canopy of trees blanketed by maidenhair ferns and tiny mushrooms underfoot. This trail is sensitive. As there is no distinct trail it is important to respect the mosses, small shrubs and environment. It’s not the place to scratch off moss, trample small … More {Upper Byarong Creek}