{Group walk: Brokers Nose}

An 8.00am bush walk in the rain wasn’t really what anyone was hoping for, but the dreary forecast made it seemed inevitable this morning. Still high off a glorious day yesterday, everyone managed to crawl out of bed to ensure a good size group to keep everyone’s spirits high on our walk, in fact everyone was bright and early which was a good sign!

After a meet and greet, and chilly condensation still evident from our breath we started out with a few sprinkles in the cold. Not long and the layers were coming off and we needed a water stop to check out the view and point out some of the prominent features of the Illawarra from the clearing.

The pace was steady but still slow enough to ensure we took in all the changing scenery and bush. There was some definite keen photographers joining us, enjoying the changes between the wet and dry Sclerophyll forests  with plenty of pretty vistas and changing flora. Kay was quick to point out the flowers along the way that had started to bloom in the Spring and even found us some delicate Pink Finger native orchids (Caladenia carnea) – great spot! The track was dominantly showing off some impressive yellow Prickly Bush Peas (Pultenaea juniperina), gorgeous red and white Native Fuchsias (Epacris longiflora) and the yet to be identified spiky white plant!

The beautiful white native orchid – as tiny as a thumbnail

As part of the Illawarra Escarpment State Conservation Area, we enjoyed some light trekking through some impressive creek beds and we even had a little scramble off the track to keep it interesting!

Before we knew it we had reached the service road and headed on the last stretch up to the television transmission tower. The Group enjoyed the views from the Trig Point, and everyone had a go at trying to point out their house or work out exactly where things were. Seeing Wollongong from a new perspective – was an enjoyable destination after our walk and a chance for everyone to have a chat. After a bit of a snack and a definite cool down on the gusty point, we headed back on trail to warm up…and before we knew we were back at our destination.

Enjoying the views – from a safe distance!

Was it worth it? Definitively! It didn’t rain other than a couple of sprinkles, leeches – maybe a few! But it was worth seeing the impressive flowers and meeting a great new bunch of people.

Great crew on our Group Walk to Brokers Nose

Can’t wait for our next walk – thanks everyone, it was great fun and company.

Jenae x

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