{Rainy Day Bushwalking Tips}

So… good chance it’s going to rain on your walking adventures sooner or later… So here are a few tips to make the experience a bit more comfortable and try to make it more fun as well!

  1. Reliable outerwear with vents. Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean it’s cold, you are walking right?! A good outer layer that’s waterproof is great, but can become a sauna. Outer gear with well-placed vents makes it a much more enjoyable experience.
  2. Layer. Again with a waterproof layer it can be hot; sometimes a singlet or t-shirt might be enough on the inside. Thin layers avoid that bulky feel and allow some flexibility.
  3. Don’t forget your backpack! Zip lock any water sensitive items that may get wet if you don’t go to the extreme of purchasing a waterproof pack. Even a makeshift cover will help make a difference…garbage bag? Why n
    Torrential rain @Bong Bong Mountain, Dapto

    ot!? Just take the time to secure it properly or you will be annoyed by it shifting the whole trip.

  4. Waterproof shoes. If you have the luxury of waterproof hiking shoes, keep them well scotch-guarded, otherwise sometimes just a sneaker will get you through – admit defeat, your feet are probably going to get wet. Pack some heavy duty band-aids in case a potential blister starts, a spare set of socks is also a good plan.
  5. Keep your head dry. A hood, or even a sunhat will make all the difference in keeping you comfortable and stop water running in your eyes – will stop the fogging if you wear glasses too.
  6. Pack salt. Good chance the leeches with smash you! (Refer to post on leech management)
  7. Check the forecast. If it’s likely to turn into flooding or gale force winds. My advice, stay at home! Safety first.
  8. Stay hydrated. You are still moving, you need to keep up your fluids, even if you are being bucketed on – you need to still drink.
  9. Have fun! Yep, it’s wet, probably cold and slightly, if not a lot of feeling uncomfortable!! So what!? Embrace it, get a muddy bum from slipping over, look around – things are so different and REALLY VIBRANT in the rain…you never know what little creatures or plant life you will discover!

Enjoy! x

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